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"...Thank you for being in my corner during the most stressful time of my life, your incredible knowledge of the process and command of the steps throughout gave me much needed guidance and confidence."


Legal Services

Human Rights Matter.

Refugee Law

We represent clients seeking refugee and protected person status at both levels of the determination process (the Refugee Status Unit and the Immigration and Protection Tribunal).


We represent clients from all around the world, including Sri Lanka, India, China, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and many others. 

If you are afraid to return to your country, for any reason, please contact us for legal advice and assistance.

We also act for clients opposing Warrants of Commitment when held in immigration detention. 

Legal aid is available for refugee matters. 

Immigration Law

Immigration applications are a challenging and complex area in New Zealand. It is important to get them right the first time. 

We often deal with complex immigration cases with humanitarian issues and this is a particular area of our expertise.

We have a particular focus on family violence matters. If you have family violence matters and are concerned about your immigration status, please contact us to talk about your options. 

We are able to assist with temporary and residence visa matters and can assist with residence appeals at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal. 

We provide quality representation for affordable fees. We can discuss options including payment plans with you.


Deportation Appeals

We accept instructions for Deportation (Non-Resident) or Deportation (Resident) appeals (also known as humanitarian appeals). 

We can also assist in representing you during the INZ resolutions and good faith stage, prior to the serving of a Deportation Order. If you think you may be liable for deportation, or have been served with a DLN (Deportation Liability Notice) please contact us and we can help. 

Other Human Rights Law

We have expertise in a wide range of human rights matters including in relation to government agencies and the security services. 

We accept instructions for issues with citizenship matters, NZ Customs, NZ police, the security agencies and other government agencies. 

Often difficulties arise from interference with privacy, obtaining information or being under suspicion without knowing why.

Public & Administrative Law

We believe lawyers and the courts should help people who have problems with governmental or local authorities.


We ensure our clients get the best experts for their case. We have particular expertise at building teams of experts to work on matters.

We accept instructions relating to public and administrative law matters including judicial review, civil Bill of Rights cases, public inquiries, coronial inquests and resource management act issues. 

Mediation and dispute resolution

Deborah offers services as a mediator. She has completed the core Arbitrators and Mediators Institute of NZ Inc. Mediation Skills Intensive. She has many years of experience in resolving cases between parties through negotiation or mediation and avoiding costly litigation  - large and small. 

Legal Aid Provider

We provide Legal Aid services for Civil, Refugee and Mental Health matters.


You may be eligible for Legal Aid depending on the nature of your case and your circumstances. 

Talk to us and we can find out whether you may be eligible for Legal Aid support from the Ministry of Justice. 

Other Legal Services

We provide advice and expertise working with counsel on family, criminal and employment matters.

This includes advice on the interplay between immigration, human rights and other areas of law - for example, discharge without conviction applications, extradition, national security, Hague Convention and family law matters.




We like working in teams. Often cases have more than one legal problem. We are happy to work with other lawyers or to help you find other legal help you may need for your case. The Chambers is led by Deborah Manning, a renowned Refugee and Immigration Lawyer with over 21 years of experience practising in the Refugee and Human Rights law area. 

“I would like to express my gratitude for all your dedication to our case. Thank you for being in my corner during the most stressful time of my life, your incredible knowledge of the process and command of the steps throughout gave me much needed guidance and confidence. Your words of encouragement, words of expertise, words of caring, words of concern helped me past this difficult time. Thank you" - Ms K, June 2016

Reported Cases 

Some reported cases in which Deborah has appeared as part of the legal team in the higher courts are:

  • Attorney-General v Refugee Council of New Zealand Inc - [2003] 2 NZLR 577

  • Zaoui v Attorney-General (No 2) - [2006] 1 NZLR 289

  • Zaoui v Attorney-General - [2005] 1 NZLR 577

  • Attorney-General v X - [2008] 2 NZLR 579

  • Zhou v Chief Executive of the Department of Labour [2010] NZEMPC 162 ARC 115/10

Years of Experience

Deborah has been working in refugee, immigration and civil law for over 20 years. She has extensive experience with all refugee communities including from China, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Afghanistan, Arab,  Gulf, Maghreb and Mashriq countries, Latin Americas, Russia and former Soviet states, Europe, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Fiji, Myanmar, South Africa, Zimbabwe and other African states.

Deborah is ably assisted by Simon Lamain who is an employed barrister and he acts in all matters of our chambers. Simon appears for clients on complex cases and has particular interest in issues of public and administrative law in relation to refugee and human rights issues.

Common issues include people who fear political and religious persecution, gender and LGBTQi based persecution, and victims of corruption and criminal or militia violence.

International Experience

From 2008-2011, Deborah was a senior legal consultant to a Geneva human rights organisation, Al Karama (Dignity) which represents victims of grave human rights violations in the Arab region.


Deborah worked closely with the United Nations human rights protections mechanisms, regional human rights protection mechanisms and international organisations and uses this knowledge and experience for her NZ cases.

Advocacy for Migrants and Refugees

As well as legal work Deborah has always been active in Law Society and NGO advocacy work to improve the legal system and access to justice for migrants and refugees. 


Deborah is currently the convenor of the Auckland District Law Society Refugee and Immigration Committee, Executive Member of the Refugee Council of New Zealand and Executive Member of the Human Rights Foundation. 

Deborah is also regularly involved with training members of the legal profession and other professions on the legal needs of the refugee and migrant community.




Landmark Chambers is a small law chambers located in Central Auckland, New Zealand, containing two barristers and law clerks. We often work with colleagues from other chambers or firms on complex migrant and immigration issues, ranging from deportation matters to public and administrative law issues. 

The Chambers are led by Deborah Manning, an experienced refugee and immigration lawyer with over 21 years of experience practising in the refugee and human rights law area. Deborah is supported by two employed Barristers, Simon Lamain and Sam Parsons, who work with Deborah in her Central Auckland chambers.


We are a small team of barristers and law clerks with varying levels of experience and backgrounds. As Senior Barrister of the Chambers, Deborah Manning is a lead provider for civil, family and refugee legal aid, with Simon Lamain as a supervised provider for civil. 

Deborah Manning

Senior Barrister

Deborah graduated from the University of Auckland with a Conjoint Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts Degree. Since admission to the Bar in 1999, Deborah has been practising in refugee and immigration law, as well as human rights law including family, civil, employment and criminal law.

Deborah has been the Convener of the Auckland District Law Society Refugee and Immigration Committee since 2013, and has been a member of various reference groups to advocate for migrant rights, such as the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security Reference Group, and the Immigration Industry Steering Group. 


Deborah regularly apears for refugee claimants at the Refugee Status Unit and at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, while also acting on all Chambers matters including deportation appeals, human rights litigation, judicial review proceedings and other matters. Read more here. 

Simon Lamain

Employed Barrister

Simon graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Studies and Philosophy. Prior to joining Chambers, Simon worked for the Law Commission as a Legal and Policy Advisor, and volunteered as an intern for Deborah and for the Waitematā Community Law Centre while studying. 

Simon is an employed barrister in Chambers. He regularly appears for refugee claimants at the Refugee Status Unit and at the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, and has acted for claimants from across the world, including China, India, and throughout Africa, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, Arab, Gulf and Mashriq regions, and more. Simon also acts on all Chambers matters including deportation appeals, human rights litigation, judicial review proceedings and other matters. 

Sam Parsons

Employed Barrister

Sam graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Journalism. Prior to coming to the Chambers, Sam worked in recruitment and marketing, working for his own businesses and enterprises. 

Sam joined the Chambers as an intern to assist on the Operation Burnham Inquiry, before transitioning into his role as a law clerk and finally as an Employed Barrister. Sam works on much of our immigration and refugee matters, including complex partnership-based visa applications and preparation of refugee hearings. 



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