Since 2003, I have run a successful internship programme for university students both in my private practice and with my international work. The focus of the internship programme is to develop students in human rights law and to enable them to become critical and creative thinkers as young professionals.

The internship is structured around the local university semester programme, and is preferably 6 months. The placement can be tailored to align with the University of Auckland Community Placement and/or LawGen 447 Community Law Project and with the needs of students.

I welcome students with initiative and a strong commitment to human rights to assist in my chambers. This involves 7-10 hours per week, working at my chambers under my supervision and the supervision of my junior barrister.

This work is as a voluntary intern but a reference is provided as well as an invaluable opportunity in and exposure to human rights legal work. This internship is also a good opportunity to meet others in the legal profession and human rights field.

Experience offered

  • Research and preparing memos and draft submissions (case-law, internet research, etc)

  • Observing hearings, client attendances

  • Document preparation and miscellaneous tasks



  • 3rd or 4th-year law students, preferably in the Honours programme 

  • Access to a laptop.

  • You need to be able to follow directions, to work on your own as well as to have initiative.

  • I am looking for interns who are hard-working, down-to-earth and have a positive attitude.

  • A strong academic record. It would be useful if you have studied administrative law and human rights-related papers. It is an advantage if you are doing the Honours programme. 

  • Preference is also given to those with some background in human rights work and/or a strong commitment to human rights work (eg worked with your student union or Amnesty International).